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Kids Safety Tips

Title: 'Kids Safety Tips' A book to teach and learn on safety.
Language : English
Publisher: Society to Create Awareness on Public Safety'(SCAPS) Feb 2015.
Pages: 28 in multicolor illustrations.
Size : 21 cm X 29.5 cm.
ISBN-13 : 978 8190660105

About the book : this is the first of its kind book brought in India with country specific elements and illustrations in safety preparedness. The author's objective of this book is to initiate the culture of safety measures and preparedness among the children, whose safety is often one of the main concerns of parents. Parents today hope their children are safe at home, at school and at public places. Despite the best precautions, there are cases in which your child could be a victim. Safety measures and culture of preparedness not only help to prevent and reduce the fatal results but also improves sense of social responsibility and orderliness in public life.

How to Buy: To receive this book please send in your postal address and contact number to the below mentioned e-mail.

Price: Rs.100/-
Special price for schools and NGOs.


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