Welcome to www.publicsafetyindia.com. Safety preparedness is one of the important aspects of our life. There are lot of activities we do every day. From driving to work and school to going to places of entertainment like cinemas, malls and a lot more. But these activities have ceased to be risk free. Many road (un) safety incidents, fires in public places, threats from anti social elements and dangers of natural calamities keep happening. They are a challenge to the society. It is time every individual understood the importance of being aware of measures to prevent and in the worst case, face these challenges . The culture of preparedness not only helps prevent and reduce fetal results of dangers but also develops a sense of social responsibility and orderliness in public life.  Our intention is to make you familiar with the safety and disaster management systems available and guide individuals and institutions to respect the safety laws for the sake of public safety. Hope this website helps!
"Be vigilant and Be prepared to face the challenges of disasters"


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