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Safety for girls, specifically for those in Metropolitan cities, is a matter of grave concern. For socio-economic, cultural and livelihood reasons, a large number of youth are migrating to big cities. These youth, mostly emerging from traditional backdrop and low-tech environment,are forced to adjust to a highly modern and tech-savvy social life, resulting in great confusion and turmoil.Consequently, they fall prey to wrong paths.In embracing the new city life, the emotional imbalance and cultural conflict lead to their values getting affected as well.

It is the responsibility of the institutions and individuals to keep the youth informed and enlighten them about the public safety precautions to be observed in day-to-day Metrolife. In an effort to educate the citizens, we recommend some basic safety tips that may be followed for a happy and trouble-free life.In principle, we believe that understanding the laws of the land, taking part in social vigilance and following orderliness in public life with civic sense, will help a lot in a person’s safety.

Some precautions that girls and working women should follow for a safe Metro life.

  • Firstly when you come out from your home, look around to notice if any stranger is suspiciously loitering in that area.
  • Notice if any vehicle two wheeler/four wheeler abruptly parking. If so, note the number and color of the vehicle.
  • Be bold and look expressive when you are on the move.
  • Don't hesitate to call your local woman helpline or police control room to ease your problems of harassments.
  • Never wear headphones while walking.
  • Always use familiar and busy public roads to reach office/ home.
  • Notify your entering and leaving from your work/study place.
  • On reaching the point of taking public transport, do not enter into a conversation with any stranger, pay attention while boarding your vehicle.
  • If shared auto/taxi usage is unavoidable, before boarding check the Driver is in uniform dress and behaving properly. Note the vehicle number and save it in your mail.
  • Never take a ‘Lift’ from strangers on a two-wheeler or four-wheeler.
  • People using public transport should have knowledge of the road transport authority rules.
  • Maintain orderliness in public life.
  • Avoid dressing that attracts undue attention. In regular course, following local dress code is advisable.
  • While walking on the street keep to the right side of the road, facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Mobile Apps and social media are most handy and useful these days.
  • These are very user friendly, but make sure to follow all private settings and be “Net secured”.
  • Make sure you have sufficient battery backup in your mobile phone.

On a day outing:

On reaching an unfamiliar or new place, try to get familiar with the place (i.e, workplace, shopping mall, cinema hall, function hall or park) and look for facilities available, specifically, identify the emergency Exit/alternative Exit and ladies washroom, security personnel’s presence.

Whenever you are subjected to an incident of eve teasing/disturbing modesty by physical or verbal acts, do not fail to bring it to the notice of the police, even if you do not want a case be registered. Your information will help improve police vigilance in that place.

Social vigilance:

Make social vigilance apart of your metro life.Social vigilance will improve the confidence level and keep you alert.Depending on citizens’ socio level one should practice and participate in Social Vigilance at personal level, community level and at institutional level to be alert and alert the respective authority.

Being alert is not covertness. Showing blind eye towards danger is covertness. Foreseeing a danger is being alert and wise.


If you are a parent of daughters in the 4-12 years age group, protect them from child abuse. Educate them about all personal aspects of a growing girl child. Advise them about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad.

The Ten Important Rules:

I will not allow a 'bad touch'.
I will not hear a 'bad word'.
I will not speak bad words to a stranger.
I will speak bad or good only with my mom or a lady doctor.
I will not see a 'bad picture'
I will not follow any stranger to a lonely place.
I will not allow any stranger give me a love hug.
I will not allow any stranger kiss me.
I will not allow any stranger hold me.
I will scream to raise an alarm when in trouble.

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